Agile Dev West 2018 Concurrent Session : I Manage an Agile Team. Am I Obsolete?


Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 10:00am to 11:00am

I Manage an Agile Team. Am I Obsolete?

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Agile and Scrum Teams are self-organizing and self-managing. As a line manager, what's left to do? Traditionally, managers are responsible for the output of their teams. Sometimes they're even responsible for the for a team's delivery that they do not have direct oversight. This model is flawed. People are complex, a team of people is a complex system. May as well try to manage the weather. To get a handle on the complexity of teams, managers need to act differently in how they lead others. In other words, managers of agile teams will fail if they do not shift their thinking from management to leadership. We can't manage the complexity but we can help people navigate it. Just as we can't stop it from raining, we help teams find umbrellas and take supportive actions when things begin to flood. During this talk, Robert will explore the transition from management to servant leadership, how managers can support their teams in helpful ways, and how empowering other could become the favorite part of the manager role. If you’re a manager, project manager, or want to be a great manager, join us and learn simple yet highly effective techniques to use in growing those around you to get better engagement, cultivate intrinsic motivation, and build amazing teams.

Robb Pieper
Responsive Advisors

Robb Pieper is Principal Consultant and founder of Responsive Advisors, a boutique agile management consulting firm focused on holistically improving organizations. He’s a licensed trainer and coach having taught agility to thousands of people across the country. Robb solves problems often ignored in the agile community, like teaching managers how to work with agile teams and individuals how to work with their teammates on a human level. Robb applies his passion and diverse background to building amazing cultures and learning organizations.