Agile Dev West 2018 Tutorial: Building the Right Thing by Focusing on the Customer


Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Building the Right Thing by Focusing on the Customer

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This tutorial is for product creators who are passionate about delighting their customers by solving their true needs. Join Catherine Louis as she walks you through Design Thinking, Build- Measure-Learn loops to validate assumptions, and Scrum to deliver as table stakes for building the right thing rather than building the wrong thing faster. In this highly interactive workshop, you will be “learning by doing”. Some of the topic we’ll explore include practical Product Discovery tools and how to effectively en-Vision your products. We’ll use User Story Mapping as means of defining and refining just-right user stories. Then we’ll move onto creating a Release Plan map for the execution of Value-Driven Development in your sprints. Throughout you’ll experience the power of visualization and collaboration and how it drives the innovation of ideas. By working in teams, you will create a video prototype in this half-day tutorial. We’ll be navigating from initial idea to validated prototype, applying the frameworks Design Thinking, Scrum and Lean Startup. You will leave this tutorial with a toolkit designed to help you create products that customers love as well as a video product that you’ll be proud of.

Catherine Louis

A Certified Scrum Trainer™, independent agile coach, and founder of CLL-Group and, Catherine Louis has more than twenty years of experience in complex product development. Catherine’s focus is on product discovery and delivery—using design thinking, agile methods, and agile R&D—and managing organizational agile transitions to build speed and flexibility in business. Her specialty is accelerating innovation by enabling agile transitions. Catherine helps small start-ups as well as large enterprises inspect and adapt, evolve and improve, accelerate delivery, and delight their customers.