Tuesday, June 6, 2017 - 8:30am to 4:30pm

Stop Saying DevOps and Start Applying Continuous Delivery Principles

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DevOps. You think you need it because the market is telling you, but the market is confused (and self-perpetuating). How is your organization implementing efforts in agile, Continuous Delivery, and now DevOps when they appear to be selling the same dream? Max starts with disambiguating DevOps and understanding our need as software engineers and practitioners. We still demand the same output: improved time to market through the incremental delivery of quality software. Next he shows how to conduct your own Value Stream Mapping exercise—a crucial tool ThoughtWorks uses to identify waste and uncover opportunities to speed up your time-to-market. He then describes methods for determining the performance of your delivery capability, whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise. And finally. Max examines your path to production where operations teams are rewarded for uptime and often are change averse, conflicting with your rapid development lifecycle. This is where most definitions of DevOps linger and Max shares his lessons learned and tools of the trade that will help break down the barriers when putting applications live to customers.


Now a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Max Griffiths started as a shell scripter fulfilling his urge to automate everything. Since then, he’s been eating his way around the world working across multiple business sectors and it’s likely he’s worked at a company just like yours. Although the practice has changed names over time, Max has been working in a DevOps context for thirteen years, writing code and bringing teams closer together to help small, medium, and huge businesses improve their software delivery capability. Wearing many hats over the years has allowed him to talk to different parts of the business, translating business need into technical architecture and prove technical solutions are delivering relevant business value.