Agile Dev West 2018 Tutorial: Chartering Agile Teams: Conditions for Success


Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 8:30am to 12:00pm

Chartering Agile Teams: Conditions for Success

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Team charters are essential, but there's no specific formula for how to effectively create them or what to include. Each element of the team charter is specific to each team. There can be a framework for developing the charter, but it must be a collaborative effort of—at a minimum—the members of the team. Join Doc List as he shares his often-used framework, the key steps in crafting a charter, and the activities that are a must for the process. Explore aspects of setting specific constraints or criteria for the team, particularly Definition of Done and Definition of Ready, and see examples of what—and what not—to include. Doc explains the importance of setting team collaboration agreements and discusses how to effectively reinforce them during execution. Review standard agile roles and responsibility definitions, looking at the individual roles and how they need to play together. Finally, Doc discusses the importance of setting clear goals at all team levels and how this establishes the clarity needed for success.

Doc List
Doc List Enterprises

Doc List has been working in the software space for decades—in roles from developer and tester to manager and CEO. Passionate about leadership, teamwork, coaching, and training, he was doing Agile-like things years before there was a Manifesto. From building his own companies to coaching and consulting with organizations of all sizes, Doc has developed a unique perspective that focuses on the essential element of any effort—the people. Doc is a repeat presenter at TechWell conferences, Agile20xx, and other events, and a track chair for the Agile20xx conference. Doc is certified in Sharon Bowman's Training from the Back of the Room and is sought after to both develop and deliver training in multiple countries.